Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Aging Of John Wayne

Forgive me for jumping ahead, but let's face it, I'm going to die long before I reach the end of this blog and I thought it might be interesting (to me, if to no one else) to see what John Wayne looked like as he aged over the years. Besides, this should give you something to anticipate since I'll eventually write about every one of these movies.

And forgive me if I recycle the photo from The Big Trail essay, but it's just so amazing I can't not show it again.

The Big Trail (1930) (age 23)

Stagecoach (1939) (age 32)

Red River (1948) (age 41)

The Quiet Man (1952) (age 45)

The Searchers (1956) (age 49)

Rio Bravo (1959) (age 52)

True Grit (1969) (age 62)

The Shootist (1976) (age 69)